2015 Crescent Dance Theater – Flying Spirits --The 19th Charitable Show of the Disabled

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"Without voice, one still can sign. Without wings, one still can fly. Without limbs, one still can dance. Though body is maimed, life still can be perfect...”
“Crescent Dance Theater” is organized by FRATA (Fu-Li Rehabilitation Association for Teenaged Amputees, ROC), The show premiered successfully at National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 20 years ago. Since then, the Beauty of Crescent guided by the Crescent Dance Theater has been the platform of the yearly grandest show by the disabled elites in Taiwan.

【The China Post】Disabled Talent Show set for Sunday in Taipei

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 Amputated models show the crescent beauty in adversity

To co-ordinate International Disabled Day, the annual soiree of the “Crescent Beauty- Disabled Talent Show” held grandly has entered the evening of the 12th.

This year, Fu-Li Rehabilitation Association for Teenaged Amputees,ROC and Taipei
Fubon Bank Foundation organize this soiree together, which will be taken place grandly on November 30 (Sunday) at the Auditorium in National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei.

    This time, the bright “Fashion show – Crescent heart and glory” in the soiree, what the amputated models performed is not the graceful gesture, but the impotent arm after amputation that shows impact and wisdom of the life, what they exposed are not beautiful legs, but the bravery to stand up with one leg; they do not cover their defects, but show the inner free, confident and strong beauty; not to cover the wounds is not a kind of sadness, but is more admirable courage. The beauty of the amputated models is not only under the light on the stage, but also is consistent with every second and every minute of the life.

    Graduated from Chinese department of the university, the sweet girl, Deng Mei-Fang, whose right arm was high amputated will play the leading role in “New Snow White” in the soiree, the other outstanding performers on the same stage are: the girl whose left hand was amputated, Wang Su-Chiao, who obtained “Love for life Award” and went to USA for show this year; the girl whose extremities were amputated, Quo Wei-Chi, who obtained “Education Award of The President” this year; the enthusiastic girl , Ho Huei-Ling ,whose right hand had only one finger since she was born, she possesses Chef License and is the chief secretary of Fu-Li Rehabilitation Association for Teenaged Amputees,ROC, as well as the famous deaf and dumb person, Chen Leian-Chiao , who has obtained “Cultural and educational Show Host of the Golden Bell Award” , was the chief of “Taibei Deaf Theatrical Troupe” and the director of Deaf Association, ROC,. So, the programs will be excited and fantastic!"

       In the mean time, these amputated models become “Crescent dancers”,just like the lyrics of the premiere in “Beauty of Crescent Soiree” : 「Without voice, one still can sign. Without wings, one still can fly. Without limbs, one still can dance.Though body is maimed, Life still can be perfect. The full moon and the crescent are all moon. The crescent is as beautiful as the full moon. 」 Physical handicap cannot be changed, but it is selectable, to make imperfect life abundant and full. Only one hand or one leg may be a defect in the eyes of the world. But, from the view point of those brave amputee dancers, they are still lucky to have one hand or one leg to dance, and thus to see the sunrise. We have no idea how many handicapped audience,dispirited and self-denied youths be influenced by the show and change their lives,and manifest the brightness of their life, calmly, positively and perfectly. Where there is brightness, where is beauty,“ The crescent shines over the whole world.” Isn’t it very beautiful? - Isn’t just the most real feature of “Crescent Beauty”? 

      The amputated girls demonstrate themselves as models and in form of dancing and drama, this is the most realistic show on the stage; the appreciating effect is deeply shocked and touched. Currently, the economy of the society is under serious recession that makes many people live in straitened circumstances; further, the long political fighting causes the view of life value turbulent and confused. Therefore, a lot of people get into body and mind syndrome, they are dispirited and self-denied, comparing with disabled friends who are maimed, but with strong bravery and persistent will, expose their amputation freely and truly face themselves in the struggling life. They show their talents with extraordinary self-confidence, transmitting glory and passion of life; that can touch and shock inner spirit of every audience. To youth and social people who are struggling around, the disabled friends can inspire their tenacious life force deeply in their heart. Hence, theperformance of amputated models and crescent dancers are truly and extremely an expression with meaning of life education. One soiree has changed the future of many people!

    This distinguished event is non-profit and social welfare performance. Welcome all of you to get free ticket and come to appreciate the performance. You may call (02)2389-4832 or send Fax to (02)2389-5008. Or before the performance of the day (Entry time: 18:30 P.M. Show time: 19:00 P.M.), you can come to the place of performance, West Gate of National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei at No. 505, Sec. 4, Jen Ai Rd. Taipei City, to get free admission.

Show of the disabled - 12TH Beauty of Crescent in 2008

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Show of the disabled - 12TH Beauty of Crescent in 2008

12 years ago, the first soiree of the “Crescent Beauty” planned and held by us has showed its brilliant glory, at National Dr.
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, and it has become the most magnificent talent annual platform in Taiwan, winning the wide
coverage with color photos on the leading newspapers and magazines. Afterwards, our association was further invited by Australian Administration eight years ago, the outstanding disabled people went to Sydney in Australia to greet the Torch of Paralympics of 2000, and performed their talents in the multi-Cultural Folk Arts Festival. They cut a gallant figure at the international stage, and issued the “Declaration of the Crescent” with the three mayors of Sydney, Wollongong, and Newcastle, wining an enthusiastic response from the worldwide sportsmen and the officials of the Paralympics, the Declaration looks indeed like a never quenched torch of heart, unceasingly spreading its spirit and introducing humanity loving and respecting the disabled to the world. It attracted attention and great echoes internationally and exerted the positive influence on development of local and foreign disableds’ talent.

To grandly hold Show of the Disabled, 12TH Beauty of Crescent in 2008, we specially invite the blind vocalist Xu Pai-Shiang, the sentimental singer Ren Wen-Chien, and the amputated dancers of the “Crescent Dance Theater” Ho Huei-Ling, Deng Mei-Fang, Wang Su-Chiao, Chang Pai-Shiung, who will interpret the modern and classical rhythm, Chen Leian-Chiao, Deng Mei-Fang, Wang Su-Chiao, Lee Ying-Feng who are disabled having different handicap and major actors to perform dumb show “New Snow White”, mother and son show including: Ho Sin-Ru, Chou Yi-Feng, they will perform happy wheelchair dance together, as well as Wu Sho-Zong and Wang Tien-Yeo who are mother and son will perform drum dance. The Lustrous Crescent – Fashion Show performed by our members are also remarkable. Besides, there is one thing we must mention is, to increase mutual understanding and friendship between Main-Land China and Taiwan, we specially invite “Disabled Art Group Shanghai” to perform their extraordinary programs in this show. Except those excellent handicapped performers to perform on the same stage; we particularly arrange the Interview, Yang Jei and Yang An-Dieng who are armless mouth-foot painters, they will narrate their struggling life. You may, by audio-visual senses, perceive profoundly the truth, the full moon and the crescent are all moon, the crescent is as beautiful as the full moon.

Place: National Dr.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall- Auditorium

Date: November 30 of 2008

The Organizer: Fu-Li Rehabilitation Association for Teenaged Amputees,ROC

Contact phone: 23894832

Remark: Admission Free

Entry time: 18:30 P.M. Show time: 19:00 P.M.




Frata Contact infomation

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Fu-Li Rehabilitation Association for Teenaged Amputees,ROC

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